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Grishkan Grygoriy Alexandrovich was born on the 23rd of October in 1981 in Krasnoarmeisk town, Donetsk region. That was a very difficult delivery, resulting birth trauma, finical asphyxia, 25-minutes hypoxia and brain hemorrhage. As a consequence it was diagnosed with horrible disease – ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis).

The boy made his first steps at the age of 2,5 years, while being treated in Moscow city after the seventh session of acupuncture. His parents did not risk to send Grygoriy to a regular school and they choose specialized boarding-school №5 for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system of Donetsk city. Having studied in this school for almost 7 years, the parents transferred Grisha to a regular school, from which he graduated without a single bad mark. Also at the age of 9 years, our hero began to write poetry. The first works appeared in his dreams, and when he woke up, he tried to write them.

After graduating from school, Grygoriy entered Donetsk Economical Technical School majoring in “Finances”. After technical school Grygoriy was accepted to the Krasnoarmeisk water canal organization in the production and technical Department on the job position “PC operator”. In the very 2003 Grishkan entered the third course of Tugan-Baranovsky Donetsk National University of Economy and Trade, from where he graduated with distinction on February in 2007.

After receiving the diploma of higher education Grygoriy decided to conquer the capital of Donbass – Donetsk. Not finishing 40 days off till his four years term he retired his first job and moved to Donetsk. He came round about 150 companies over the month, talked to directors and he realized that the Ukrainian people with disabilities are needless! The maximum that was offered to the guy was presenting his employment record and disability existence note without an actual attendance at work place. Grygoriy was offered 250 UAH per month by employer. Coming back home Grygoriy registered in Krasnoarmeysk employment center. After six months of unsuccessful job searching he got the position of stitcher at mine administration LLC Pokrovske. His responsibilities included gluing 20 envelopes per month at home for a minimum wage. Glue and paper were issued at the mine.

It was in 2008. At that moment, redemption came suddenly - his best friend from the time of his studies at the college, Andrei Orekhov said a good word for Grygoriy at the firm where he was working, and Grygoriy was adopted as an economist of supply department. But having worked there more than three years the guy had to leave that place as he was needed only to cover the mandatory quota for people with disabilities.

Grygoriy was unemployed again. The daily struggle and visits to directors came again. Once he had got a referral of free vacancies from a city employment fund and Grygoriy went to a company that needed an economist. The HR department had taken the center of employment referral and immediately put the mark that a candidate was not suitable for the position, even without an interview.  He was told they needed a girl only. Soon Grygoriy was lucky again and he was invited to work in Kuibyshev tax office in Donetsk. And spending for the way 5 hours (!!!) every day, Grygoriy happily went to work, where he was surrounded by a wonderful team. Such situation was till war broke out in Donetsk. So our hero began searching a job in the capital of Ukraine over the internet in July 2014. At the beginning no one paid any attention to his CV but then one Kyiv firm interviewed Grygoriy on Skype. As a result he was denied in two weeks.

But Grishkan is not the person who gives up. He had found journalists in Facebook who wrote an article about him with the focus on boy seeking employment in Kyiv. The article appeared on 22nd of October 2014 in internet publication “Ukrainska Pravda (Украинская Правда)” in a day before his 33d birthday. He gradually began to receive calls but the salary was not very good, so he did not accept any proposal.

After two months in December one more article appeared and one of Kyiv businessmen found out Grygoriy, invited him to interview in Kyiv, offered him salary which was pointed out in his CV and full payment for rental housing.

Our hero could not believe in it. After all, when he was looking for a job he even could not imagine that he would find an employer who could compensate Grygoriy a rental housing. Grygoriy got a new post on 29th of December, just before the New Year. And now, when Grishkan lived and worked in Kiev, he confronted a new and more challenging tasks, to check himself for strength, and first of all to prove himself that people with disabilities can realize themselves in all areas that they are interested in.

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